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Quality care

We hereby confirm that the quality of the products manufactured by TRIGA partners sro has been assessed and that it complies with the applicable European standards and quality requirements.

The following information documents that TRIGA partners sro products meet the following requirements:


Surface treatment of metal parts

The properties of powder paints are tested according to DIN 53151, ASTM d 3363-92, ASTM d 2794-93, ISO 1519, ISO 2815, ASTM B 117-94, ASTM 9871. Surface layer of powder paints> 40µm.

Sheet metal parts according to EN 10142-1.0350 Z 275-NAC with a surface layer of 270 g / m2.

Layer thickness testing was performed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1463: 1994.

Strength of glued joints

The strength tests were performed at the normal operating temperature of the products (18-26 ° C), using the market test method at the following tested load:

  1. frame / mirror joint strength - 100N gradually in four mounting points around the perimeter of the mirror, tested for a total load of 400N per product

  2. hinge / mirror joint strength - 100N on each hinge

  3. shelf / mirror joint strength - 500N per 50cm shelf length

The overall adhesion and visual appearance after the test were evaluated. The products were flawless and unchanged after the test. The system adheres firmly to the substrate and between the individual surface layers.

Corrosion resistance of the mirror

Resistance to cleaning agents containing acetic acid, resistance to adhesives and sealing materials containing acetate (silicone) are tested. This is a combined exam:

  • CUPRO ACETIC SALT SPRAY - CASS Test according to DIN EN ISO 9227

  • WATER VAPOR KK Test according to DIN EN ISO 9227

  • NEUTRAL SALT SPRAY BSN Test according to DIN EN ISO 9227.


The materials used for TRIGA partners sro products meet all requirements for corrosion resistance and mechanical resistance according to DIN 1238 (EN 1036).

For TRIGA partners sro :

Ing.Petr Ješina, Executive Officer - January 2010

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