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Mirrors with lighting


Cabinets with lighting

ALKOR aluminum cabinets developed by TRIGA are unique not only in design, but also in the range of technical solutions used. The body of the cabinet is made of aluminum with a velvety silver surface. The doors used are mirrored on both sides, all other metal components are either stainless steel or chrome-plated with virtually unlimited life.

The cabinets are equipped with unlimited height-adjustable shelves made of ultra-clear glass and an inner rear wall made of mirror glass. The corners of the body are connected at an angle of 45 ° by a screwless connection.

LED lighting is dimmable as standard, it is possible to set the optimal light color (chromaticity temperature in the range of warm white to cold white). You can measure the temperature in the bathroom, the humidity in the bathroom, actively control the fan to ventilate the bathroom or display the current time.

You can request original accessories such as an integrated toothbrush sterilizer, electric soap dispenser or drawer. The cabinet has space for storing paper towels, a magnetic organizer for metal tools (scissors, tweezers, files), an organizer for small cosmetics or an integrated magnifying cosmetic mirror (3x magnification).

With the help of a special installation frame, it is possible to insert the cabinet completely or only partially into the wall and then add suitable lighting or a decorative aluminum frame.

On request, we supply sides and an inner rear wall made of painted glass.

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